Our Story

hardy earlineHardy and Earline Johnson opened Johnson Brothers Jewelry Company in 1946 at its current location in Downtown Pascagoula. One of six stores of the same name owned and operated by his brothers throughout the southeast, it was truly a family business for Hardy. He specialized in watch repair and meticulously worked with jewelry at his jewelers bench in the back of the store, while Earline managed the gift section of the store and became the 'face' of Johnson Brothers Jewelry Company.

Soft-spoken and kind, Earline was a true lady, adored by her customers and friends for her sweet nature and love of 'pretty things.' Under her loving hand, Johnson Brothers expanded to carry fine gifts and a wedding registry. Early on, Earline decided a custom 'touch' was needed for the stores' gifts to stand apart as the fine items they were. Hardy went to Walker Shipyard in Moss Point with a rough design for a 'bow maker.' He returned with two handcrafted metal contraptions which create beautiful Johnson's Bows that adorn fine gifts in Jackson County to this day.

When Hardy passed away in 1987, Earline was determined to continue the Johnson Brothers' tradition of quality fine jewelry and service. Always ready with a sweet smile and a kind word, Earline very much enjoyed being part of numerous generations of Jackson County's weddings, engagements, and births.

After Hurricane Katrina in August 2005, Earline was determined that the store reopen as soon as possible, despite near total devastation. "People need to have a place to buy pretty things," she famously insisted. Thanks to her perserverance, she saw Johnsons' Bows on wedding gifts as soon as two months after the storm. Earline passed away in spring of 2012 and her memory will live fondly in the hearts of many who shared their special occassions with her at Johnson Brothers Jewelry Company.

For more than 60 years, Johnson Brothers has continued to be the 'family business' Hardy and Earline envisioned. The "Johnson's Family" has expanded over the years to include Hardy and Earline's dear business colleagues, without whom the store would not be where it is today: the late Dora Smith a.k.a. "The Bow Queen," Sis Meeks, and Pug, who have since retired, and currently Debbie Willis, Cynthia Zubic, and Laura Burrow.

We invite you to come experience our tradition of fine jewelry and service today.